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ICARDA & CGIAR: Transforming Global Food Security

The global landscape of research and funding models must transform to address today’s shifting and interconnected challenges for global food security. The CGIAR Global Portfolio of Research Initiatives continued to set the standard in 2022 on how this can work literally on the ground, bridging public and private sectors and adopting a farm-to-fork approach to sustainably address food and nutrition security.

The CGIAR Research Initiatives integrate and amplify the impact of our dryland agri-research on genetic innovation, resilient agrifood systems, and agri-system transformation, and we prioritize regional collaboration to address climate impacts as a critical component of food-systems transformation. Throughout 2022 ICARDA strengthened partnerships, particularly with National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) partners who are key facilitators for our work.  


From Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia, and North Africa

As the only CGIAR Center headquartered in the drylands, we launched the F2R-CWANA initiative in 2022 across the region to address agriculture in water-scarce, biodiversity-depleted settings. F2R-CWANA will enhance agrifood systems in fragile regions to better withstand climate change, economic shocks, and political instability.  
In 2022, we conducted stakeholder consultations to establish F2R roadmaps in Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, and Syria. Ongoing partner consultation meetings will update shared knowledge, identify research gaps, prioritize the scaling-ready technology, and explore opportunities for resilience. 

Excellence in Agronomy

The Excellence in Agronomy Initiative improves smallholder farming households by increasing agronomic gain per input unit, aiming to achieve measurable impacts on food and nutrition security, income, resource use, soil health, climate resilience, and climate change mitigation in prioritized farming systems by 2030. The Initiative prioritizes support for marginalized groups, and promoting inclusion for farmers, including women and youth. ICARDA launched the dryland EiA  Initiative in 2022, and ICARDA’s SWA team later brought together partners and researchers to report, reflect, and synthesize efforts to modernize agronomy research. In 2022, our Soil, Water, and Agronomy Team (SWA) led the dryland launches of the Excellence in Agronomy Initiative. 


The Genebanks Initiative is focused on conserving agrobiodiversity in genebanks and making it readily available to use as part of a global effort to reduce the loss of critical genetic variation that can help us adapt our food systems to today’s challenges and to support the safe restoration and diversification of agroecosystems. In 2022, ICARDA contributed to the dryland launches of the CGIAR Genebank Initiative. 

Wild relative plant species in ICARDA Lebanon and Morocco Genebanks.

ICARDA - CGIAR Genebanks