ICARDA & oNE cgiar


CGIAR the world’s largest global agricultural innovation network, has been a world leader in agri-food systems science and innovation for development for over 50 years. But as the world faces escalating climate, biodiversity, population, and food prices crises, and the landscape of research, and its funding model, changes, we need to change too. While remaining as individual research entities, CGIAR's partnership of fourteen research centers are now transitioning to a more collaborative model - One CGIAR - a new broader and integrated unification of assets, expertise, knowledge, and operation that will deliver more targeted solutions to today’s integrated challenges faster, more efficiently, and more effectively.

In 2021 ICARDA’s Human Resources unit continued to oversee ICARDA’s transition under One CGIAR, supporting ICARDA’s capacity needs and addressing challenges through a concerted recruitment and succession planning effort. While initially aimed at improved collaboration with other centers under One CGIAR, stronger systems and processes and upskilling of staff across all of ICARDA’s corporate functions, including HR, Finance, PGU, and Communications, are also reaping benefits.


Fiona Bourdin-Farrell, CGIAR Global Director of People and Culture