Optimizing new technologies for efficient and affordable R4D

ICARDA continued to digitize research in 2021 to make data collecting, information sharing, analysis, and decision-making faster, better, and more accurate. Even in the most distant and vulnerable dry places where ICARDA operates, global advances in technology, digital analytics, remote sensing, networks, and software, particularly on now-ubiquitous smartphones, make data gathering, analysis, reporting, and knowledge exchange more manageable and more efficient.

Based on four decades of drylands research, our unique and increasing pool of big data aids the modeling and analysis of novel techniques, climatic variability, evaluation of new crop varieties and livestock enhancements, socioeconomics, and decision-making at all levels. When combined with those of sister centers under the one CGIAR reformulation, our data will produce a powerful resource that will substantially contribute to the fight against global climate change.


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